Meet Justine Curtis – passionate entrepreneur and successful business woman.

Since starting her first business in 1998, Justine has gone on to develop several successful business. Now, through a range of training programmes and franchise opportunities, Justine helps other budding business owners break free from employment and run their own home based business empires.

To find out more about the various business projects Justine is currently involved in, take a look at the Projects section. You will also find information about her various Products including eBooks, training courses, podcasts, free reports, etc in the Products section.

Justine is a consultant to small businesses on operational streamlining and online marketing. She also offers her services as a trainer on a variety of topics and is available to speak on subjects including:

How To Work With a Virtual Assistant

The information Justine shares includes:

  • Why you need a Virtual Assistant
  • Is working with a Virtual Assistant for me?
  • 25 things you can delegate now
  • What else can I delegate?

Building Online Relationships

The information Justine shares includes:

  • Importance of building relationships online
  • What the first step is in building an online relationship with website visitors
  • How you can get visitors to your website to give you their contact details
  • What you can do with those contact details, how you can keep in touch with them and push them along the buying process
  • How else you can build online relationships and really build that list of prospects

How To Create An Information Product

The information Justine shares includes:

  • What an information product actually is
  • The disadvantages to digitally delivered information products
  • How a service based business, that delivers its normal service on a 1-1 basis, can they use information products
  • Why information products wont devalue the 1-1 services you offer
  • Why you should create information products and not just sell more 1-1 services
  • How to create an information product
  • The technical know how you need to create an information product

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